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smudged studio reboot – update #1

The Studio Reboot is continuing. At a bit of a slow pace but I’ve been kind of low on energy lately and next weekend it’s really going to take a huge leap. A friend and fellow artist is coming to take away all the furniture that I’ve been giving dirty looks to for the past year. It means I’m still toiling at getting everything consolidated so that can happen because the step after that is painting. (I am unreasonably excited for that to happen.) I had made decent progress on one side of the studio but had to face this mountain down. Carter decided to help.   The irony of this is that the mess really wasn’t all that bad. It took me maybe half {…Continue Reading}

studio reboot the starting point

smudged studio reboot – the starting point

Here we are again. Me talking about renovating my studio and discussing the things that I think make the space difficult to manage. So what makes this different from all the other times? This time I’m doing it. No, really, I am. I mentioned on Facebook that I took photos of the current state of affairs but it’s so bad I didn’t know if I wanted to post them. There are plenty of people out there who stash shame and criticize and will cluck their tongues at what a slob I am. But for every one of them, I think there are ten just like me. Struggling with the same overwhelm and not knowing where in the world to start. So I’m going to ignore {…Continue Reading}

refill the well 1

refill the creative well – color + quote

    I took a picture of a yellow barn while I was at Nancy Crow’s Barn. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, there’s something so comforting about it. I combined it with a favorite quote from Richard Bach. Just a small punch of inspiration for the middle of the week.

hand stitched diary 5

hand stitched diary

One of the books that I made during the class I took with Dorothy Caldwell is for a new personal project. A point that really drove home for me during that week with her is that my love of hand stitching has been taking a back seat to my paint flinging. I love them equally but I don’t feel as if I’ve really made that obvious. I’m also understanding deeper that hand stitching has a history that I feel quite privileged to be a part of. I’ve decided to bring it forward more in my artwork and make it the focus of some work rather than a supporting act that fades into the background. I put together a simple book using the technique that Dorothy {…Continue Reading}

LynnK Nancy crow barn spring 2016 8

how art brain got her groove back

A few weeks ago I went to the Nancy Crow Barn to take a class with Dorothy Caldwell called “Human Marks.” I really didn’t know what to expect from the class. All I knew was that I have always wanted to go the Barn (I’ve heard endless good things about it) and I was on a mission to refill the creative well. I’ve made a conscious effort this year to pull back some so I can figure out the direction I wanted some things to head in. Taking the week to study with Dorothy was the trigger to throw everything into line and now Art Brain is firmly back in the driver’s seat. There wasn’t a single thing about the class (Dorothy is an exceptionally {…Continue Reading}