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it lives! it lives!

  I feel like Dr. Frankenstein – it lives! The website and blog LIVES!!! Muahahahahahahha!!! Sheesh, to say technology has been a swift kick in my behind the past few weeks is an understatement. When I had the new site built, I needed to upgrade the server I was on. But the host company I was with at that time wasn’t so hot. (I was averaging 33 seconds between link clicks and I assure you, that’s the sure way to madness when you’re trying to run a small business from your site.) I can’t count how many times the site went down and I finally made the decision to switch host companies. Which had it’s own set of headaches but was worth the pain in {…Continue Reading}

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weekly pattern wednesday!

Woo! It’s Weekly Pattern Wednesday and the blog/website is functioning!!! Hooray! Here is the pattern I created for this week:         We’re going to keep things simple and let Mister Linky go be cranky somewhere else. (We bickered for a while, couldn’t get him to play nice.) Leave a comment with a link to your pattern so we can all come visit and see what you created!

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back to school blog hop – put together a mobile art studio!

The fabulous Sam Hunter of Hunter’s Design Studio has put together a fun little blog hop in honor of the school year beginning again. Each artist gives a fabric goodness related tip and today is my stop. I’m going to talk about putting together a mobile art studio. Because art is a serious sanity saver and since we don’t (unfortunately) get to be in our studios whenever the mood strikes us, we sometimes have to take the studio with us. This is the little art studio I keep in my bag to do hand stitching on collage pieces:   Here’s what it contains: A cotton drawstring bag that I dyed my favorite sea foam color. And then I did some screen printing on it just {…Continue Reading}


weekly pattern wednesday – “pattern playground” coloring pages!

It’s Weekly Pattern Wednesday! Woo! I’ve been a busy little bee working on five patterns for my first ever coloring page collection so that’s what I’m going to share this week. They are called “Pattern Playground” and you can find them here. They are instant download so you can start coloring right away! I couldn’t resist coloring them in to see how they would look completed so here is the black and white version (that you get when you purchase) and my colored version. I had a BLAST!!   After a mighty battle with the servers hosting my site, we are (mostly) good. But we’re still working out a few kinks so instead of using Mister Linky this week to share our patterns, just leave {…Continue Reading}

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celebrating my 40th birthday by giving back – will you join me?

If you notice any strange error codes or weirdness on the website, please look past them. I am aware of them and they are being worked on. And while they aren’t so nice to look at, the rest of the site functions fine. As they say, the show must go on so pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. 😉  ********************* Today is my 40th birthday. And while age has never bothered me – I consider it a privilege to grow old – it has given me pause because somehow it feels like an important milestone. Mostly it has made me realize how quickly things move and how grateful I am to live the wonderful life that I do. While I was drinking {…Continue Reading}