8 - begonia leaf 3 Lynn K

going raw…

I’m just going to say it – I’m not a fan of silk. It’s too swishy for me and drives me nuts the way it slinks around when I try to stitch on it. I’ve avoided it for years until I was at a textile show and became completely enamored with a piece there – the fabric had incredible texture. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the artist told me it was raw silk. I picked up a hunk from Dharma and decided to play around with it and eco printing. I’m taking a class with Dorothy Caldwell at the Nancy Crow Barn in a few weeks so I thought it might be nice to print some small pieces of fabric {…Continue Reading}

Lynn K pile of threads

allow me to enable your thread habit

I’m a hand stitching thread junkie. I like floss, perle cotton, mixes of fibers (especially silk and cotton), hand dyed, commercially dyed, vintage – if I can stitch with it, it’s likely I can find a use for it. I’ve got piles of threads everywhere and I’ve realized that it’s quite possible I treat it as a type of decorating style. I’m often asked where I like to buy my threads from so I thought I’d share the sellers of some of my more recent purchases. Some of these are outside of the U.S. but I didn’t find the postage to be cost prohibitive at all and to be honest, I’ve gotten packages from the England quicker than I have from the other side of {…Continue Reading}

Lynn K 2015 print table fabric 1

the annual changing of the print table fabric

It’s that time of year again – time to change the fabric covering on my print table. I use Roc-Lon Multipurpose cloth on my print table. It’s essentially drapery lining but there are several things I like about it as a print table covering. It’s heavy duty – which means I don’t have to treat it like a princess and can just toss whatever I want onto my print table. (Which is good considering the number of plants that now live in my studio and that my print table often doubles as a potting station.) It absorbs wet media like nobody’s business and dries relatively fast. Which is the main reason I love it – I can get a little messy sometimes. Every year (usually {…Continue Reading}

Lynn K pottery 3

i’ve no idea what i’m doing (and i love it)

In keeping with my promise to myself to make this year all about making art, I decided to finally take the plunge and learn something I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time – pottery. I never really knew if I could handle it because my hands and wrists tend to get pretty tired and sore because of all the other kinds of art I do. I’ve always worried that it would just aggravate the heck out of them but really, there’s only way to find out, right? I’m fortunate in that there is a very active awesome pottery guild literally five minutes from my house. So I’m now enrolled in a fifteen week beginner’s pottery class at The Village Potter’s Guild. This week {…Continue Reading}

4 - paint flinger class 3

craft napa – a soul filling experience

It’s been a week since I returned home from California and Craft Napa. I had to hit the ground running when I got back to Michigan (after sleeping for an entire day, the 3 hour time difference really knocked me for a loop) so that’s why I haven’t blogged about it yet. I wanted to take time to really write a heartfelt post about it and not fly right through it. Let me say that I’ve been to several retreats – both as a student and as a teacher. And Craft Napa was nothing like any of the others I attended. This retreat was so community based it was amazing. Everyone approached their classes with an open heart and mind and it was truly all {…Continue Reading}